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And though she may be but little, she be fierce. Harry- You watched as he finished the book in complete consentration. You caught yourself staring at looked around to make sure no one in your English class saw you. You can feel the blush creep into your cheeks and look back down at your book. Just as you finish the bell rings for the end of school. You sigh and hold back the blush as hard as you can. Was there something on my face? Has it been there all day?

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Originally posted by venomuke You had been hanging out with Michael and Luke for about 3 weeks now. You had a routine developed now, you would go to his house at 7 am and then both of you go and pick up Luke and after school he would meet you at your locker and drive you home. Before he had graduated you were like two peas in a pod, if Ashton was to be found you were close behind.

He had friends who were seniors, like him, and juniors, like you, they were your friends too but they were only friends with you because they were friends with Ashton. It was almost like they were friends with Ashton but you were part of a package deal so they were friends with you too but now that you and Ashton were constantly fighting, they never invited you to hang out. Ashton did not like Michael one bit and neither of them would explain it to you.

5SOS Preference: It’s your birthday. Thank you to the-infinite-is-mine for the idea and happy belated birthday to you darling. Michael: You wake up and scratch your eyes smiling to yourself knowing that it is the anniversary of when you popped out of the vagina. You hop out of bed and go to the kitchen to find something to eat.

You knew you loved him. His beautiful green eyes, his crazy curls, his cute little nose, the ink on his skin that was so meaningful to him, his amazing body, and even his words whether they be deep and poetic or stupid and immature, his words were so captivating. Your little crush was getting bad…you were starting to get weird around him. You were normally rather confident. Interrupting your thought was someone at the door.

You answered the door to find Harry himself. Your heart started beating faster as he came in. You raised your eyebrows. Your eyes widened and you smiled a bit. He stepped towards you and time seemed to slow down, the world felt as if it had stopped spinning. Harry was smiling, just staring at you, taking in your beauty. Harry took one more step toward you and kissed you.

You had never felt so… so happy. You kissed him with a smile.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your older brother came home one day with his friend Harry, you had seen him a couple of times because they hung out a lot and you thought Harry was kind of You were sitting on the couch studying your phone as the door swiftly opened. Your brother and Harry came in laughing.

He’s Your Best Friend But He Likes You – Preference. Ashton: “(Y/N), where are you?” he asked as he padded through your home. This was typical you two would spend a .

You were having a fun time in the photo booth with Harry. Then he took you by surprise by leaning over and kissing you. When you got out you studied the strips. The last one was actually pretty cute. First you stuck out your tongues, then you mushed your cheeks together and had really big smiles, in the one he kissed you your eyes were really wide and pretty, and the last one you looked confused as heck and he just had a smug smile directed at you.

Your sister ripped the stack from your hand and wiggled her eyebrows and made approving noises when she saw the last one. That reaction caused Louis to rip them from her hands. You were becoming really uncomfortable. You told him the road, and then he warned you to stay in your locked vehicle. You laughed and hung up, but followed his advice. You were a little scared when a random vehicle, that was not a work truck, pulled up behind you.

The shadowy figure got out of the car and started to walk to your door. You were paralyzed and had no idea what the smart thing to do would be.

Preference #101 He’s your brother’s best friend (Featuring 5sos):

Yeah, I speak English. You bit your lip, watching him run his tongue through his black lip piercing as he scribbled down your order; “I’ll come back with everything soon”, he smiled at you. The rest of dinner went on with you and Luke glancing at each other and your mom pretending not to notice it. You stay here, pay the bill and go out with your friends or something afterwards”, she stood up before you could debate. You were at a family dinner in one of your father’s favorite restaurant – which meant he knew every single one of the people that worked there.

Next to him stood the hottest guy you had ever seen wearing a button up white t-shirt and a black bow tie – he made it look the newest trend.

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Luke x Reader Requested: This contains bad language and abusing so dont read this if youre not into this kinda stuff. I woke up from the sound of my phone ringing from across the room. I hastly stood up to make the noise stop, I surely didnt want to wake up my sleeping boyfriend. I had bruises for days and I could barely move my hand. But I didnt blame him, he was just tired from work and probably just stressed out.

I sneaked out of the room and unlocked my phone. It was a missed call from my best friend Luke. I sighed and called him back. He picked up after the third ring. I just didnt hear the phone, I was still in bed. I havent seen you in ages I miss you! Dan, my boyfriend, didnt want me to meet Luke or any of my friends.

#18 – your older protective brother catches you kissing a 5sos member part 2

Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor Preference: Luke has been your best friend since you moved next door when you were 8 years old. He secretly had a crush on you, as so did you.

Your sister counted on her fingers. She had set you up on a date with one of her friends from school. “Oh! And he’s in a band!” She nudged. “You already had me at shy, tall, and sweet!” You laughed. There was a knock at the door and you hurrie over to open it. “Hello.” .

But underneath my sunglasses I’m rolling my eyes Paper has more patience than people. You both sat on the opposite of the couch. Hoping he would say that he loves you. He was staring at the TV, emotionless. And this was one of those moments you actually had no clue what to do. Did he want you to leave him alone? Did he want you to beg him for forgiveness? Did he want you to say sorry again and again and again? So you let out a sigh and you stood up from the couch. When you entered the living room again, he was gone.


You just got home from a terrible day at school. Your classmates bullied you, you got an F on a test that you studied very hard for and on top of that the hate was getting harder to ignore. You just wanted to cuddle with your big brother so you went to his room. You saw him sitting on his bed with his hands covering his face.

5sos Preference – He Picks His Girlfriend Over You Part 2. Part 1. Luke: It had been 2 weeks since you had contact with Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton.

Your song Hollywood Ending A small habit of yours that he loves How he kisses you His favorite item of clothing on you thats his Favorite cartoon to watch together Your first kiss He picks out your outfit Louis and Harry

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Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor Preference You are in a Band, and he is a Fan Request Harry: Your band was one of the most popular of the time, and a huge crowd was expected to be at your concert tonight. Before you started getting ready to go on, you decided to watch some YouTube videos.

5SOS Preference #46 The Boys Talk About How Hot You Are. Calum: You haven’t seen Calum in ages, so when he offered to fly you out to L.A, you graciously agreed. “Hurry up Y/N, I want to go swimming!” Calum whines, knocking on your door. “I’m almost done but if .

This was typical you two would spend a lot of time together whenever you two could. And today was no different. He told you yesterday that he would visit you, but you decided that you would do something different today then greet him at the door. Ashton let himself in and knew that he had to be careful, since you would have the habit surprising him and scaring him whenever you could.

He would do the same to you, since you two have done this forever, since you were both kids. He carefully walked through your home, listening to anything that could give away your location to him. But so far he had found or heard nothing, you were like a ninja. He was just waiting for you to come out and scare him.

Texting Story: Luke Hemmings part 1

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